Wednesday, September 23, 2009

On our way to London..with Wish You Were Here, Lower East Side, NYC~London Swap, open for October only..

Londoners, friends and shoppers, come see us in the Newburgh Section of the West End, originally known as Carnaby Street for the Wish You Were Here London/Lower East Side Swap, The Pop-Up Shop will be selling my Eco-Friendly Reconstructed Vintage designs and featuring other cool stores from our neighborhood such as Shut Skateboard, In God We Trust, Kaight (also eco-friendly), Reed Space. Check out the map on the website for the locations). There will be some(American Style)fun events going on including a fashion show..
I love the idea of this cultural exchange, bringing two really different neighborhoods together, finding commonalities and an attempt at building a transatlantic community. I see a great eco-future of pop-up shops bringing empty,unrented stores to use for independent creative endeavours and events. Check out the website above, come along, invite your friends and enjoy the independent diversity of a neighborhood in NYC.
My friend and fellow painter Amanda Moss has created along with Off Modern, a moving art gallery using empty store spaces in the Elephant and Castle Mall in London. Check out 'Off Modern' at Corsica Studios and The Elephant Rooms on Facebook. Pass this onto to anyone you think might be interested in what we do. Join us on Facebook, follow the blog..keep in touch...

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  1. The show in newburgh quarter was mega. loved it x